With a temporary residence permit, you have the right to work in Sweden.

Information about finding a job in Sweden can be found on the website of the Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

You can register with the Employment Service by visiting the servicekontor (statenssc.se) .

What is needed:

  • a valid identity document, such as a passport and residence permit card or confirmation of the application for extension of residence permit that you have already received from the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • coordination number (samordningsnummer (skatteverket.se) ). If you have a coordination number, bring it. If you have not received a number, you can request one at the service office. The coordination number is an identification number for persons who are not registered in the Swedish population register.

It is not possible to register on the website, as this requires that you have a Swedish social security number and that you are registered in Sweden.

After registration, you will be invited to a job planning interview (in English or with an interpreter if necessary).

At the meeting, you and the employment representative will discuss:

  • Your competence
  • what job are you looking for
  • what support you can get from us
  • how to go about achieving your goal.

If you have access to your certificates and grades, please present them at the planning interview. You have the option to translate your certificates.

Support programs:

With a job for entering the labor market (establishingsjobb), you who have been unemployed for a long time or belong to a certain category of newcomers have the opportunity to get a job. You need to find an employer yourself who wants to hire you to enter the labor market. Labor market entry work means full-time temporary employment for a maximum of two years with an employer who hires you. The goal is that work for entering the labor market leads to the conclusion of an open-ended employment contract.


"Introductory work" is employment with a private or public employer, which makes it possible to start working life. The employer who hires you will receive a subsidy on your wages. "Exploratory work" can involve both permanent and temporary employment. If your ability to work is reduced on a permanent basis, you can get a part-time job.


The "New Start" program helps those who have been out of work for a long time to return to working life. The employer who hires you will receive a subsidy on your wages. Employment within this program can be either permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time. In order for employers to hire you for new jobs, you must be enrolled and registered as unemployed for six months in a nine-month period.


If your physical abilities are limited, you can get a job that suits your needs. "Wage subsidy" is financial support from the employer in the form of compensation for adapting work tasks and working conditions to your capabilities and needs. The employer can be both private and public. Employment can be permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time.


You are not eligible to participate in the support program for:

  • labor market education (arbetsmarknadsutbildning),
  • confirmation of education (validating),
  • work experience (arbetspraktik),
  • programs of institutions (establishingsprogrammet),
  • job guarantees for young people (jobbgarantin för ungdomen),
  • jobs and development guarantees (jobb och utvecklingsgarantin.

You are also not eligible for the Employment, Youth and Development Guarantee. The reason is that our insurance policy does not cover those who are not registered in Sweden.

You have the right to receive an employment contract in writing. The contract must contain the following information:

  • name and identification number of the employer;
  • your name, surname and coordination number;
  • the duration of the employment period, indicating both the start date and the end date of the employment relationship;
  • work schedule — full day, part time or only as needed;
  • your salary;
  • official duties;
  • job title

There are several popular job search sites in Sweden that can be useful for Ukrainian refugees. Here are some of them:

  1. Platsbanken ( https://arbetsformedlingen.se/platsbanken/ ) This is the official website of the Swedish state employment agency. Here you can find job vacancies in various industries, as well as get useful advice on job hunting and interview preparation.
  2. LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com ) LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networks in the world. It allows you to create a profile with your skills, experience and education, as well as search for jobs and communicate with potential employers.
  3. Blocket Jobb ( https://www.blocket.se/jobb ) Blocket is a Swedish online classifieds portal where you can find a variety of services and goods. In the "Job" section you can find various types of vacancies.
  4. Monster ( https://www.monster.se ) Monster is one of the most famous job search sites in the world. It offers a large number of vacancies at different levels and industries.
  5. CareerBuilder ( https://www.careerbuilder.se ) CareerBuilder is another popular job search site. It provides access to thousands of job vacancies in various industry sectors.
  6. Indeed ( https://www.indeed.se ) Indeed is a popular job search site in many countries, including Sweden. It collects vacancies from various sources and allows you to search for a job according to various criteria.

These sites can be useful for Ukrainian refugees looking for work in Sweden. It is important to check them regularly and actively respond to vacancies that interest you.

If you want to work or continue your studies in Sweden, you can use the service to confirm your foreign education. The Swedish Higher Education Council (UHR) can help you with this.


To confirm your education, you can submit an electronic application for a personal certificate (utlåtande), and also use
electronic database (bedomingstjänst) to download a document with a general description of foreign education. Both documents are possible
to provide to a potential employer during a job search. Both services are free and available on the website.

More details: information sheet-assessment-of-foreign-education-ukrainian-2023.pdf (uhr.se)

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