Directive on Temporary Protection

Refugees from Ukraine may be eligible for a residence permit with temporary protection in Sweden under the EU Temporary Protection Directive.

Persons granted a residence permit under the Directive are subject to the Asylum Seekers Act (LMA). This means that they have the right to school education for their children, emergency medical care and some financial support.

Requirements for obtaining temporary protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive

You can get a residence permit with temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive if you

  • is a citizen of Ukraine, or

  • you have the status or residence permit as a person in need of protection in Ukraine, or

  • is an accompanying family member of one of the two above.

If you have a passport or other documents that prove you belong to one of these groups, you must present them when you apply for protection.

More details on the official website of the Migration Service of Sweden

Apply for temporary protection for the first time - Migrationsverket

If you have been granted a residence permit under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, your permit is valid until 4 March 2025. Before that, you will receive information about what you need to do before your residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive expires.

Persons who have reached the age of 16 have the right to work from the day they receive a protection decision under the Temporary Protection Directive. You need to inform the Migration Board about the start of your work, because this may affect your right to receive financial support.

The residence permit card is produced for you after the Migration Office makes a decision on the residence permit.

Before the Migration Agency can order a card for you, you need to take a photo and leave your fingerprints. If you were photographed and you already left your fingerprints when you submitted your application, you do not need to do anything.

If you have applied for protection in the electronic service and have not yet left your fingerprints and taken a photo, you must make an appointment to do so.

Make an appointment for a visit (in English)

When the residence permit card is ready, the Migration Agency will send it to you by post or we will contact you and let you know where you can get the card.

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