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The purpose of the association

Non-profit association RefugeeHope. UA&SE was created in order for Ukrainian refugees in Sweden to find their place and be useful. We believe that only through joint efforts we will be able to make positive changes in society

Distribution of information

among media representatives

Improvement of the situation

contacting politicians, organizations


rights and opportunities

Help with adaptation

in Swedish society

Social security number for Ukrainian refugees

On June 4, 2023, a petition was created to provide a personal number to Ukrainian refugees in Sweden, which received more than 4,500 votes and thousands of supportive comments in three months.

Why is this so important? Read more at the link.

Votes of support for the petition

“Human rights should be important to the Swedish government and parliament... This also applies to children's rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Living in constant anxiety with a homeland at war means psychological stress that many of us cannot fathom. Also, not knowing whether Sweden has future opportunities or just temporary protection is of course downright harmful to mental health."

Ylva Olausson, Uppsala

"I was pregnant and had heavy bleeding. Literally a week later, the nurse gave a referral to a doctor. I had to go not to the nearest city, but to transfer to two buses (although near our city, where we lived, there is a large hospital with all departments, including gynecology). If help had been provided in time, perhaps I would not have lost my child."

Kateryna Chorna, Piteå

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