Assistance to refugees with disabilities

A functional limitation or disability is a reduction in physical, mental or intellectual abilities. In Sweden, approximately one in four people has some form of functional limitation.

If your physical abilities are limited, you can get a job that suits your needs. In this case, the employer will receive financial assistance to pay your wages.

"Wage subsidy" is financial support from the employer in the form of compensation for adapting work tasks and working conditions to your capabilities and needs.

The employer can be both private and public. Employment can be permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time.

More details: Wage subsidy - Arbetsformedlingen (


If it is difficult for you to get to the medical facility on your own, you can order transportation
to a medical center or hospital and receive compensation for transportation services in connection with

Application for transportation compensation
services in connection with the disease can be provided
later, but permission for such services must be obtained in advance.

To find out in which cases
you can get compensation for transport
services, contact your health center.

Refugees from Ukraine with a disability under Temporary Protection are not entitled to assistance under section 4. § 1 SoL in respect of such assistance as may be provided under the LMA, as well as such assistance as is necessary to avoid an acute emergency.
(HFD 2017, ref. 33).

Assistance that can be provided under the LMA is accommodation and financial support. It is not clear in law whether social intervention, such as help at home, is covered by the LMA or not.

The municipality cannot receive compensation for assistance provided with the support of SoL, for example, while waiting for the registration of a residence permit application with the Migration Agency.

Mass refugees are not considered residents within the meaning of the LSS and are therefore not eligible for LSS intervention.

Because mass refugees are not eligible for assistance under the LSS, they cannot access medical transportation and travel services, personal assistants, or short-term housing.

Access to LSS would be a major tool to improve overall conditions for Ukrainian refugees with disabilities. They believe that the opportunities provided by LSS in the form of the right, for example, to short-term
staying away from home or daily activities, will resist mental illness.

Children with intellectual functional limitations go to an adapted school. In an adapted middle and high school, a child learns and develops at his own pace. The main goal of educational programs of adapted schools is to acquire knowledge.

Special school is another form of school
education A special school is designed for children
with one or more functional limitations, such as:

• auditory functional limitations;
• deafness;
• deafblindness;
• visual impairment accompanied by other
functional limitations;
• severe speech disorder;

The Department of Special School Education determines,
who can attend a special school

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