Safety in Sweden

Sweden is considered one of the safest countries in the world. It has a stable economy, a high standard of living and a high degree of social protection for its citizens. However, as in any other country, there are certain challenges in terms of security.

Police phone number: 114 14.

Do you have an emergency? Call 112.

Start | The Police Agency (

If you need help, contact a medical facility in your area.

Call 1177 for 24/7 medical advice.

In case of an emergency and life-threatening situation, call 112.



1. If you are a victim of sexual violence, threats or cruelty and want advice or support, you can call the women's helpline (Kvinnofridslinjen) on +4620-50 50 50. An interpreter can be provided.
Ukrainska – Ukrainian – Kvinnofridslinjen


2. Crime victim support center.

Have you become a victim of a crime? The Victim Support Center will provide you with advice and support. Phone: 116 006 Email: More information:


3. BRIS - Children's rights in society BRIS offers telephone, e-mail and chat support for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. BRIS also provides counseling for adults who need someone to talk to about problems related to children. BRIS phone number for children: 116 111 BRIS phone number for adults: 077-150 50 50 . To learn more, visit the BRIS website: Bris website.

112 - emergency situations

Call 112 in emergencies such as acute illness, crime or fire. You can also contact air, sea and mountain rescue services for help.

Only call 112 in emergencies. If you have non-urgent questions, please use one of the phone numbers listed below.


1177 - advice on medical care and health

Call 1177 Vårdguiden if you need non-emergency medical care.

You will receive answers to questions about diseases and medical care, as well as information about the location of the nearest medical center.

If you are using a phone registered in a country other than Sweden, call +46 771 1177 00.


113 13 – information about accidents and crises Call 113 13 for information about major accidents and crises in Sweden.

From abroad or from mobile phones registered abroad in Sweden, call +46 77 33 113 13.


114 14 – Police in ordinary cases

Call 114 14 for all non-urgent questions to the police, such as giving information or reporting a crime that is not currently happening.

From abroad or from mobile phones registered abroad in Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00.

With the 112 app, you can feel safe getting information about what's happening around you. If there is an accident or fire in your area, you will immediately receive information about it and know that the situation is already under control, and you do not need to contact 112.

In the application, you will also receive information about an important message for the public and other crisis information.

Download the app to your mobile device here:

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