Education for adults

Ukrainian refugees in Sweden under temporary protection may have access to certain educational opportunities for adults.

In some municipalities, you can take Swedish language courses for immigrants (SFI).

Some municipalities also have Swedish as a foreign language courses that can be taken after SFI.

For more information about SFI and Swedish as a foreign language courses, contact your municipality of residence.

SFI (Swedish for immigrants) :

  • SFI is a Swedish course for immigrants that helps them learn Swedish.
  • This is a free program available to adults who do not have a sufficient level of knowledge of the Swedish language.
  • SFI courses are available at different levels, from beginner to advanced, depending on the level of knowledge of the students.
  • After successfully completing the SFI course, students can continue their studies at Komvux or look for a job.

The mass migration directive does not give the right to sfi or other education in komvux. But the municipality can allow a person who has applied for or received a residence permit with temporary protection to participate in one or more courses in Swedish or Swedish as a second language in komvux and sfi.

Komvux (Municipal adult education) :

  • Komvux is an adult education system in Sweden that provides various educational programs including school education, vocational training and preparation for higher education.
  • Komvux programs are provided free of charge to adults who want to further their education or improve their skills.
  • Komvux courses are available on a variety of topics and levels of difficulty, including general education, vocational courses and university preparation.
  • For students who already have a certain level of Swedish, Komvux can be the next step after completing the SFI course.

If you have been granted a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive, you can apply for admission to a higher education institution in Sweden. You are exempt from the entrance fee and tuition fees, but you are not eligible to receive a scholarship or student loan from the Central Scholarship Committee (CSN). To enroll in a higher education institution in Sweden, you must meet certain requirements.

Applications for courses and programs are made on the website You can also find more detailed information about the entry requirements for various courses and programs on this site.

More details: – Apply to Swedish universities

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